Upon entering Our Fitness Studio, you will be welcomed warmly by our staff members. A thorough consultation with the trainer, including your personal, physical, health, and fitness history, discussion about present and injuries, complete discussion on your goals and objectives for dedicated training, and you can ask any doubts or questions about the gym/fitness program you may have. Your dedicated trainer will check and evaluate your physical fitness level to design the perfect training program for you.

We request you fill out the inquiry form on our official website. Once we receive your inquiry, our representative will contact you within 24 hours, or you may call us at "MOBILE NUMBER." This applies to new clients only.

Prices depend on the type of fitness program, therapy, or training you are looking for, the time you want to come in, and the number of sessions you want. Please get in touch with us regarding your needs & goals.

Octane Fit City is a world-class Gym with the Latest Fitness equipment, a certified gym trainer, and tailored workout programs that Meet YOUR Needs! Our commitment to excellence, You will have a stress-free & disease-free life, have more energy, and feel fitter, healthier & happier.

The result depends on what your final goal is from your fitness training program. You may feel more energy in a short time or a few weeks. Weight loss will occur in one or two weeks, depending on your training program and diet plan. It will take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to see changes in muscle size and strength. Start feeling better in a few weeks for overall health and fitness improvement.

Yes, With our personalized weight loss program, you can lose your weight. Weight loss is not only about exercise; you must follow the diet for the best result. For more information, contact our weight loss expert.

We have flexible hours for workouts. You and your therapist and trainer will set the best workout time for you, depending on time and schedule. You can start early and can choose the evening session, Monday to Saturday. We are also open on Sunday with some trainers.

Of course, yes, if you are a member of Octane Fit City, you are allowed to use all our gym equipment and services at any time. But if you are a novice, we advise you to get sufficient training from our trainer to use our gym equipment confidently morover we have a wholesome app just for you from which you can get proper guidance about exercises and diet.

The Octane Fit City app is available as a free download in the Google Play Store. Download from our official website or search for "Octane Fit City." Our Fitness App is compatible with the Latest Android versions five and above. We recommend that you update your application regularly for security reasons.

When you download and register on the app, enter your registered email address to create an account. If you are already a member, make sure that you use the same email address that is used on your membership account.

You need to add all the required details at the time of registration. For example, name, contact details, fitness history, membership type, fitness goal, weight, height, etc. It will help us to create the best fitness and diet plan for you.

We are a government-registered and authorized health and fitness service provider. All your personal and basic details are secure with our advanced security protocols. We respect users' privacy, so we do not share any personal or basic information with third parties.

Our application and platform are accessible to all users. If you are looking for a premium membership, contact our representative for more information, or you can upgrade your membership from our online portal.